I've lost all hope. What is the point?

Ok, so I'm nearly 27 and I'm starting to lose hope of ever finding someone. I was a late starter to dating because I was unwell with anorexia as a teenager into my early twenties and for that reason I am also still living at home (I'm not as far up the career ladder as my peers thanks to taking time out due to my illness and I live near London where house prices are extortionate).

I've done the online dating thing (I had no fewer than 6 dating apps on my phone at one point), and rarely meet people IRL, although I did have a date with a guy I met at a bar last week. He was everything I was looking for - attractive, family orientated, independent etc. And I found out today he's not interested in seeing me again because there was no 'spark'.

All around me, my peers are in long term relationships or getting married and I'm still stuck at home on my own. Now that I am in recovery from my illness I want to have a 'normal' life and find someone, but it seems impossible and that I will never catch up.

Sometimes I wonder if dating is even worth it because all it does is gets your hopes up and they get dashed when things don't work out.

I don't really know why I'm writing this. Anyone feel similarly, or have similar experiences that ended positively? Right now I don't know why I bothered to work so hard to recover from my illness in the first place.
I've lost all hope. What is the point?
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