Interested or just being nice?

About four weeks ago I met someone through Tinder ( I know, I know) he was really funny and nice right off the bat and we exchanged numbers. He doesn't really text me back immediately but I understand because he's a busy person and so am I. We finally got to meet up, and it went pretty well. (At least I thought so!) there was no awkward conversation at all and we actually had a lot of common interests. The only thing was that he did not make any physical contact with me at all. He kind of just left and said bye haha. We've been talking since, and planned to meet up again but every time I try to flirt through text he seems to get awkward, but he'll occasionally call me cute, etc. I guess what I'm wondering is, is he trying to take it slow or is he just not interested and being nice about it. I normally don't get this obsessed with guys, but I really like this one on a mental note. Any suggestions?
Interested or just being nice?
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