Why are men so complicated 😒? I know women are too 🙄?

Yes the majority of men I've met don't know what the FOH they want when it comes to relationships. Ugh I hate my time wasted because it takes away from important time with my career, kids, family and schooling. I met a man who seems to have a fear when it comes to dating. He seems emotionally scared and scared of getting hurt. He made this obvious to me when I met him. I never forced this man into sex, relationship, or etc. I pulled back and refocused back on my kids, career, schooling, and family. Now he's chasing me and burning up my phone lol. He thinks I am with another man no. I have been celibate 6 months and holding back to share myself with the right man. I know it's my partner now I feel it in my heart and the connection. However he is confused and has me confused. Has any female gone through this because my heart is torn. I hate to lose him because we never had the chance to see each other grow, but I have put up with this man's hot and cold behavior out of love. He has done me wrong and I know it's his fear doing this. He won't express himself to me 🙁 not in a romantic loving way. Advice pls because my heart is torn into pieces.
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So do men think a relationship is based on sex and food.. typical lol. What I'm saying is boys who play games makes this shit hard for women like me who are seeking men. The x amount of men I've met who play these emotional games. I have a family who has time for games?
Why are men so complicated 😒? I know women are too 🙄?
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