Am I just not girlfriend material?

I'm 16. My social life is lacking a bit, but I'm not an outcast. I'm good friends with all types of people from different "cliques" at school--from the video game geeks to the intelligent nerds to the popular cheerleaders. I'm very shy and awkward at first, but once you get to know me I like to think I'm funny and goofy. My friends usually tell me I'm so nice, smart, and cute. But, I'm not super skinny. I'm a bit chunky in the belly, thighs, and face. All my friends tell me that I'm not fat though... Regardless, throughout my first three years in high school, I've had big crushes on guys, and some I feel like they liked me back, but we never took the next step. A guy has never asked me to a dance, or out on a date. I've always been way too embarrassed to admit my feelings. I mean, me and this one guy kept catching each other staring from across the room and he would purposefully lean into me when we were near each other for two years. Another guy and I always sat together in the back of the bus for one and a half years and literally everyone asked us if we were dating, but we would always say no and it was so awkward. One guy freshman year kept looking at me and my butt the entire year, but never made a move. Now, the guy I currently have a crush on is hard to read, despite us staring at each other sometimes. Lots of girls like him, and he's too nice for me to know if he's just being genuine or if he likes me. I've just came to the conclusion that I shouldn't develop such big crushes on guys and get used to nothing coming out of it. It hurts every time to come to that conclusion, but what am I to do? Is there something about me that makes me not girlfriend material? Help me.
Am I just not girlfriend material?
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