Which would you rather date, girls?

^It's up there.

  • Shy with no experience
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  • Confident and a lot of experience
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  • Shy with no experience. Adorable, innocent, completely my type assuming a sweetheart personality comes with it. ^_^

    • Sounds exactly like me. At least that's what I'm told.

    • Aww, that's cool. Congratulations! Your personality type tends to attract the protective, super-nice girls, once they get to know you!

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  • I don't really have a preference. I like shy guys (I think I identify with them more because I'm kind of shy), but confidence can be sexy too (as long as they aren't cocky). I like a guy with some experience, because its nice if he knows what he's doing, but no experience isn't a turn-off, and I think sometimes guys with experience are less likely to try to learn what *I* like in particular because they think they already know all the tricks. :P

  • It depends on the guy. I've been in relationships with both, and I liked them for different reasons that had nothing to do with their experience or not. It also depends on the girl - some girls like to move fast in relationships and might prefer an experienced guy, while others dont. Personally, I liked being with the shy guy better, but maybe I'm a little biased because he's my boyfriend right now :P

  • Confident and a lot of experience but has matured and is looking for a meaningful relationship. I don't want a guy who just looks at me like another notch in his belt and just wants to hook up with me so if he does have a lotta experience then I want that to be in the past and he's not looking for more to add to his list

    I'm sorry but a guy in his 20s that is shy and doesn't have much experience isn't really attractive to me. If you're not confident then it's less attractive. I mean if you don't even like you how the hell do you expect me to like you? also if a guy has no experience I'd always be worried that he is using me for practice and then he's gonna want to go off and get experience with other girls. its very rare to meet a guy that is happy with only being with 1 or 2 girls unless he is extremely religious like one of those Duggar kids.


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