She committed suicide?

The girl had a crush on me. Even I liked her so I approached her but she said no to me but afterwards she constantly keep giving me signs but I did not approach her. She felt rejected and started acting slutty and slept with a bunch of dudes but still she kept on giving me signs but still i wasn't interested and our university ended.

Now after 3 months when all the students went their home, I got a call from my friend and he said the chic who used to crush on you comitted suicide (since her sister and my friend are mutual friends)
Her sister said she was depressed and we all told her to forget him (me) and move on and she tried but she said that she can't forget him and eventually all of a sudden she hung herself.

The last time I saw her, she made eye contact with me for 10 seconds, her eyes looked swollen as if she has cried and cried for days , her skin looked pale with no glow on it whatsoever, and overall she looked depressed.
Now, no one knows that the dude was me and I feel guilty that I dont know what to do.
Should I go to church and confess, Im paranoid at this moment. Please any suggestions?
Dude, you played with her emotions. Its your fault.
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Its not your fault, if she was so desperate for you. She should have talked to you directly. Its not your job to fix her.
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She had a boyfriend too. And she was hooking up with a lot of guys before me.
But when I approached her , she blew off all other men and focused only on me.
She committed suicide?
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