Are guys on dating apps racist?

Hey! I'm a 20 year old college girl in NYC who has recently begun using dating apps. I consider myself quite attractive, I am half Indian and half white (mainly Indian looking, though - Caucasian features with darker coloring). For example on tinder, 99% of super likes I get are from Indian men, and I get flooded every day on Instagram and Facebook with friend, message and follow requests - but only from Indian and Middle Eastern men.
Gorgeous men of other races, such as white or Latino, lose interest in me very quickly compared to them. Why is this so? Is there still a perception that people should only date within their race? Are non-brown men perhaps either intimidated or subconsciously racist? I cannot believe this, as my mother, a white woman, married my father, an Indian man.
And before I get asked "why don't you like Indian men?" let me add that I have gone out with Indian men !
Are guys on dating apps racist?
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