I'm an emotional person?

So my boyfriend and I been together for almost 2 years. I'm a super emotional person to the point it'll drive someone crazy and leave. My feelings get easily hurt. I'm naive too, and very well not smart person. And my boyfriend gets frustrated with me cause I'm pretty slow or act like I know things but look stupid later cause I don't? Well when he gets frustrated, he calls me naive and I piss him off very easily and it hurts my feelings to annoy him that easy. So I get super emotional and say things like "I'm sorry I don't think you should be with me, or I'm sorry I'm so dumb and don't understand, or I'm sorry I'm so annoying and maybe you're better off with someone else, or I'll leave you alone so you can be happy with someone else, or I think you should move on and not be with someone like me". I say stuff like that and I usually do that so I can get some good attention from him like "omg no, I love you and don't want to be with someone else" stuff like that. But that's not what happens, he just gets mad and continues being mean, telling me to shut up. Sometimes I do that to feel wanted and I know it's annoying and pisses him off but I can't help it. It's hard to hold it in. How can I stop being that way? I don't want to be like that and push, annoy, and piss people off.
I'm an emotional person?
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