Should I date him?

So there's this guy that I met last year and we sat next to each other and we started speaking. he has a great personality and I could imagine us being together bc he understands my parents strict rules, he shares the same religion as I and he is polite, nice, and me and him can literally talk about anything. And His friends told me he has the hugest crush on me and I knew that already but not to that extent. But the only thing is I'm not attracted to him. He's not the cutest guy out there and I'm just really not attracted to him, like I use to be for a split second but I lost it. I don't know should I just ignore that and still give it a chance or should I leave it alone and not push it bc I feel like if I do let it happen (me and him), I'd be forcing myself to like him like that.
Should I date him?
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