How to confess in this situation? Indirect ways?

I want Girl and guy answers please.
Hello! I'm 15 and he'll be 16 on the 26th of June. We met because of a gamer fandom on IG (were distance friends at the moment). We became best friends very quickly. He trusts me and I trust him. We talk about anything and nothing. In October (2016), he sent something *lewd* and I did back because I had some feelings for him. (It's on IG direct and we delete them one second after sending). We still do some times. Recently, I sent a bust pic (34C and find it big myself). He said some really sweet stuff about it and he said he would touch it. I started feeling way too happy. We had a Skype once and he's the sweetest person I met. When I cry (I do tell him) he says "crying'a not good! Smile!". Let's get back to the confession, I'll have to find a topic than tell him indirectly. But how? Please help.
NB: I won't immediately say "I love you" but something else. What? Please help me... how should I confess? I really need to break the truth!
How to confess in this situation? Indirect ways?
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