Does she like me or am I just a usable friend?

Okay, so I meet this girl (20) I am (24) at work, she started the contact as I am rather hesitant to do so. I got burned really badly last time so I kind of stopped looking. I talked to her a good bit while at work but always in a supportive way. She had a boy friend who burned her really good and she cried and ended up sleeping with a co-worker and then she regretted that (later I found out that she wanted to cuddle with me). Even asked me to 2 times in a row, however I am new to this and had to go to work. I also don't mess with taken ladies. Durning this time though when I was walking her to class (college) she tried to put her hand in my hair but stopped short.

Now she is single, she got promoted and tried to get me to move to her store to. I didn't, she got a bit annoyed. A few weeks later and she had some teeth pulled and couldn't eat so we were talking about it. She mentioned a smoothie place near her work and her favorite drink. I dicicided to help her out and get her a smoothie. On the 3rd time she said "this is why I love you" it turned out she had a bad day. And then later that week I got her another one and when her co-workers at this store asked who I was she started to brag about me. I have a collection of college degrees etc.

I have taken her out and paid for most of the dinners. I haven't had sex with her but she does know I think she is attractive. Later this month she asked if I wanted to help her move to her place. Then she asked if I could stay the night to make sure every thing is okay. She likes the place just some of the neighbors scare her. She also offered me a spare key.

I should say I am slow to move, I like her but I've been used to being alone. But she is the first one to dig below my armor. My parents aren't to keen about her but I do like her a lot and want to start something. I just don't want to hurt her.

How do I move from here?
Does she like me or am I just a usable friend?
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