Has he realised his mistake?

I loved a guy but never expressed it to him. He prolly knew it. One day he had a bad mood and insulted me. He said he was not interested in what I was interested and I should stop thinking about him. After that I never even looked at him. I stopped talking to him. We would only say a casual hi if we had come across.

One day when group of our mates were sitting, someone bought an ice-cream for him. He tasted some of it and then handed over the rest to me. I was surprised at his gesture. He said: "you can have it.". And then he also cracked a joke on me, "oh yes she ate the buns as well we got earlier." It was just a friendly teasing.

Before that he had brought lunch for everybody. When those mates were eating it, I happened to visit the room. I took my book and left. After a while he came out and called me (he invited me to have it).

I am shocked to why did he initiate these gestures. Is he feeling sorry or acting normal?
Has he realised his mistake?
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