Girls, Would you date me?

I think partly why I don't have a girlfriend is because I don't exactly excel in the looks department. So, here's a bit about me on paper without a picture. Would you date me?

1. I workout regularly, and am toned.
2. I don't smoke or drink.
3. I'm average height (5'8'') with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.
4. I'm very ambitious, compassionate, caring, and personable. However, people say I'm reserved a lot of the time , and I tend to be more of an introvert.
5. I'm conversational in both Spanish and Russian.
6. I'm very loyal and would never cheat. You would never have to be concerned about infidelity.
7. I have moderate acne on my face and back.
8. I consider myself to be intelligent and have a good sense of humor.

If you wouldn't, mind telling me what I could work on?

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Girls, Would you date me?
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