Should I end things with him or just give him time?

I've been seeing someone for almost two months. We met on Tinder and went on several dates after that, and despite things getting serious, we haven't become exclusive yet. About two and a half weeks ago, he said he wanted to "pull back" a bit and take things slow, which I was fine with. That same week, his mom suddenly passed away. He told me he just needed time and I completely understood that. I gave him space and a week later, I texted him just letting him know I was still there for him. The conversation was really short and basically all he said was he still needed time (understandable again). I thought he was doing pretty bad until I checked my Tinder and seen that he'd updated his profile, and had been on Match too. For the past week, every time I've been on Match, he's been online recently or has updated his Tinder/changed his location. I heard from him a few days ago, but the conversation ended with him never replying to my text. I'd really like to know where we stand to see if I should move on or wait, but I don't know how to ask this without being insensitive. But at the same time, I feel like I deserve an answer given he's been extremely active on these dating apps. How should I go about addressing this?
Should I end things with him or just give him time?
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