I need break up advice

Last year I went out with a girl for a year. I ended it last october but tried getting back with her she didn't want to. I tried getting back with her but it seemed she was just getting annoyed so I stopped then I found out she was talking to some guy. I stopped and just tried move on. After two months she calls me crying that she misses me we talked about everything and she told me she just wants be friends. I was alaways getting jealous now cause she is a beautiful girl and she always getting hit on. we ended up getting in arguments this both got us upset and one day I told her don't talk to me again. After about 4 months I gave her a text and asked how she was and if I can call her. we talked twice . then she called me after 2 days. The next day she asked if we can go to a party. W were talkin and danced, then it seemed like she was distancing herself. I asked what's wrong she said nothing and asked her if she still upset . she said she doesn't know she just trying to distance herself because she was hurt by everything we went through. But she said it doesn't matter anyways. I tried to explain things and even when touched her by mistake she will make a face like if she was digusted. After that we just kept talkin about random things . So basically I care and love her. we use to be so close and I believe we shouldnt go out maybe in the future. What can I do to show her I'm sorry for everything and try rekindle that friendship we had . when she gets aggravated and acts like I am some stranger?


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  • well .. at first I thought that she is playing games .. like she throws something good like texting and calling you .. and even inviting you to a party .. but then she looks with disgust when you touch her ? am I missing something ? I don't mean to be rude ..but she does not seem serious to me , maybe because I have never met her but that is what I got from what you said .. on the other hand , you seem very caring and serious , definitely not what she deserves ( again I'm not here to judge , I say what I feel .. and sorry if you feel offended ).. so I think you should better move on .. and find someone who can appreciate you =)


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