Should I call him out on it?

He ended things with me, was quite cold and didn't tell me why, but I trusted that he had his own legitimate reasons so I didn't push and just said okay. I was hurt, but if he sincerely thought it wouldn't work out, I respected his decision. Today, I found out he has mono since his roommate texted me asking if I had it and said the guy I went out with has it. Mono takes 4-7 weeks to start showing symptoms... he ended things with me a little less than 3 weeks ago. Mono is usually transmitted through kissing. I've never had mono. Which pretty much means he was making out with some other girl while we were together. I know you can get it sharing drinks but it's so unlikely and just the fact that he didn't tell me why and the timing, and how arrogant he was when he ended things with me, he must have broken things off because he was seeing someone right? And just because I'm finding this out later, doesn't make it any less dishonest. He talked about staying friends but I don't want to be friends with him anymore... and I just really dislike people like that. Do you think he was with some other girl while we were together? If so, should I call him out on it?
Should I call him out on it?
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