What if a guy finds out about your past?

You are a gorgeous girl who can almost get any guy she wants.
So, you start dating random dudes and started hooking up with them.
And then you meet the man of your dreams, you blow off all those dudes and focus only on him.
But he finds out about your past (through his friends) and then he doesn't value you anymore and treats you like a second class citizen.

Now he was your dream man, all your girlfriends and male friends tell you to move on and start dating other people and you start dating new guys but you just can't move on from this guy since he was perfect.

Now you are getting anxious and you think you lost the love of your life by your slutty past.
Will that bother you?
If I really loved him, I will cry my eyes out and will regret every second of my past. I wish I could change my past.
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No I won't regret my past. If he can't handle my past, he doesn't deserve to be in my future.
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What if a guy finds out about your past?
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