Follow Up- 37yr old Guy & 19 yr old Girl?

I was extremely rude to this guy on the phone when he rang me. I firstly ignored him and then when he called me I treated him horribly (but believe me I had my reasons). Then, he started avoiding and ignoring me.
I started feeling guilty & eventually I plucked up the courage to ring him myself after 2/3 weeks and apologise and tell him I got him a gift for being so nasty. At first he was a little standoffish- he kept saying why did you buy me a present like I was crazy? but as soon as I said the words 'I'm sorry' he started to soften up a bit (even though he claimed to not understand why I was apologising), after a few minutes it was back to normal and we even started flirting. I kept apologising though, saying that I was so rude and mean and just before the call ended I said 'I feel bad' and then he said 'Now I feel bad...' ? Why did he say that HE felt bad? I'm confused as I was the one in the wrong not him?
Anyway we arranged to meet the following evening at a certain time & place but I was late and when I finally got there he had left. I was hurt that he hadn't waited longer but I know he had to collect someone so he couldn't wait & he couldn't contact me as he had deleted my number that time I was horrible to him. Afterwards I saw his car parked at a spot where I used to meet him before, he had been there for 2 hrs on his own. Yesterday I saw him out and about on his own again in the town. He spotted me passing him and he really really stared at me until I had passed him. He looked so happy and surprised to see me. He never ever goes into town, and almost never is on his own so this is strange behaviour for him. Ever since my apology he has been going around the town on his own a lot. Why do you guys think he's out and about so much now and why do you think he said he felt bad? Thanks
Follow Up- 37yr old Guy & 19 yr old Girl?
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