Guy a bad texter?

This guy and I have been talking for about 4 months. We've seen each other probably a handful of times. We text a lot but he will just stop replying sometimes. He has told me he is a bad texter and that sometimes he stops replying and waits for the person to text again. I'm a very sensitive person and take it personally when he stops replying like he doesn't want to talk to me. He told me to remember that he's a bad texter when I text him saying sorry for bothering you. Sometimes he will text again having an excuse as to what happened that he didn't reply and other times he doesn't say anything when I text him again. I don't want him to feel like I'm controlling but how do I go about this situation? I want him to text me and me not be the one always texting him again after he stops. What is something I can say (maybe something sarcastic) to him when I text him again after he stops replying and let him know that I don't want to bother him?
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Or should I just not text him again at all after he stops and just wait to see if he texts me?
Guy a bad texter?
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