Does he really have feelings?

I started talking online to a guy around the beginning of March. I didn't think much of it but we did talk almost every day for a few weeks. Eventually we switched to texting and we had been texting almost every single day for about a month. Towards the end of April we had started talking about meeting up which we did. He expressed that he liked me and we have seen each other a few times. After each date he texts me letting me know he had a great time and I am beginning to like him very much.

However, there are two things that have been bugging me. He constantly talks about his ex. He'll typically bring up a story about her when we're talking about random things. This is over text and in person. He also told that it has only been a few months since they broke up and they were serious for over a year. After that he told me he had feelings for another girl who had decided to date someone else and he confessed it was hard for him to get over. He has also told me that he has many friends that are girls and that some of them are his exes. It's really intimidating to me and I don't know how to handle it.

Also, I very rarely lop into the app we met on, though recently I have checked about once a week and I have seen that his profile says he logs in quite frequently. I know it may be wrong to check and it's his life but still. It makes me feel as if I could just be a rebound. We have talked about taking things slow and seeing where things go but I don't know if he really does feel the way I do.
Does he really have feelings?
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