What are the basics?

We all know texting is becoming more and more a part of everyday life, so with that said, when texting a girl that you like, how do you read into the messages, and understand what is meant. also how can you tell if she likes you. Basically, what are the basics to flirting over texts?


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  • first of all is she is even texting you with more than one word answers.. that's a good thing.

    use lots and LOTS of: :) ;) :P ;P :D ;D =D =) etc..

    also if she gives you a compliment ALWAYS give one back that's even sweeter!

    even if you don't care about what you guys are talking about act as interested as you can be.

    never reply with just : yepp, lol, sooo, haha, no, yeah etc.

    always keep the convo exciting

    never let her keep the conversation going

    ask her lots of questions

    just don't ever ask her for her friends number and you will be fine ;)

  • Girls LOVE winky faces. Even smiley faces are awesome. So if she's using a lot of those then she probly is flirting or trying to flirt. What are some of the things the girl you like us saying?


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