Am I Too Selective?

So yeah I've had enough bad ones to know a bit about the do's and don'ts of date-seeking. but somehow I still can't manage to find a girl that fits.

I'm a slim nerdy guy who entertains for a job. I'm hard working and I try to be as good a guy as I can.

I have a few rules in terms of what I want physically in a girl (healthy and a fairly average weight of around 60 and 70 kilos.) boobs and ass are not included because what you got is what you got and I'm happy with that!

apart from that, I'm not looking for anything super specific apart from similar MAIN interests (nerdy things like comics, movies, books and/or games).

BUUUUUT the girls I end up dating are not really that.
they like things like sports, cars or crappy reality TV. (BTW I'm totally cool to hang out with people like that but It's not my thing for a relationship)

let me know what you think I'm doing wrong.
Am I Too Selective?
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