Confused! Can anyone explain my boyfriend's strange behavior?

I could really do with some help here and I don't know if this is because we've moved past the Honeymoon stage and things have gotten real or not!

For the past month and a half me and my new guy were happy. We'd plan things, text each other every day (sometimes the odd phone call) and I felt happy and secure. He's been dealing with some stuff lately (work/house stuff which is linked to his ex) and he apologised for being distant when I noticed him acting differently. Thing is, since then, communication has changed. We still speak everyday, usually a call in the evening, but the funny text messages have have stopped. When we do speak he's usually tired and generally doesn't seem 100 percent himself. Not as jokey.

I've explained to him (in a non accusatory way) when he started being distant that I felt unsure around him, and I asked if me and him were "OK" as his behaviour has just changed. He said we were fine and that on top of other troubles, something else is unsettling him but he doesn't know what. I hope to think that isn't anything to do with me. He's suddenly gone on a huge health kick and committed himself going back to the gym, which I think is great, but he keeps saying the last few months he's felt unhappy in himself and wants to get back on track. I get that I do, but it hurt me slightly to think I'd not had any impact on his happiness. Do I sound selfish?

I still feel uneasy with this shift in behavior, but I'm not going to raise it again with him. I'll take him at his word that if he had doubts, he'd tell me.

I just want to know if this is now the real him and he's just going though shit, or if he's having second thoughts about our relationship? Or both? He knows I'd support him, and we naturally give each other space.

My guy once complained his ex always had a go at him for being busy on weekends and not making plans. He took her for granted basically. I don't know if now the mask has dropped, and he's showing his true self?
Confused! Can anyone explain my boyfriend's strange behavior?
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