My boyfriends account?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating a while. When I am in a relationship, i give my all to the person which means i would never dream of entertaining another males attention either in person or on social media. I have spoken to my boyfriend about this and he totally agrees and has said he would never be inappropriate and risk our relationship. I dont have any social media accounts however for a long time we would share an Instagram account however one day he turned to me and said he felt that i didn't trust him and that i shouldn't be on it, which i respectably gave him his privacy. I had a weak moment the other day and logged in and have seen that he regularly will respond to and flirt with girls who are outrageously flirting with him. When i confronted him he said he's done nothing wrong and that he hasn't cheated, although that's technically true i still feel betrayed. Is this just my mindset or am i right to have a problem with this?
My boyfriends account?
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