Can anyone explain why I did that?

The man of my dreams leaned in to kiss me... why on earth did I turn my cheek & walked away? Now that I'm sane again I can kick myself for doing what I did... Please, any ideas why I've let the best opportunity of my life slip away... obviously I wasn't thinking straight or thinking at all!

I need to know why I was so stupid so that I can explain myself if he ever brings it up... lol its keeping me up @ night ;)

Brilliant idea! :) heheh thank you!


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  • Perhaps there was some kind of anxiety on your part because it, to use the adage, was "too good to be true". To resolve this it is actually quite simple (but takes immense courage and a leap of faith), you merely have to say that you are so infatuated with them that you were almost overwhelmed by their interest but have since collected yourself and realised how fortunate both of you are to have that mutual affection. This is not the end of the world; often we let opportunities slip through our fingers, but if it's any consolation, you have another opportunity to express your feelings.


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  • Dw you were probably nervous I did something similar and screwed something up just need to talk to him about it

  • You better talk to him about it, unless you want him to continue believing you are disgusted by him.

    I have no clue why you did something so stupid...

    • Totally stupid!!! So any ideas how I'm going to bring this up in a conversation without killing it even more?

    • The only way you could ruin it any more is if you told him you find him disgusting, or slap him. You could always ask for another kiss..

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