Why did he delete my comment on Instagram?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 6 months. Everything has been great. He recently uploaded a photo on Instagram and I commented , "I am one lucky woman!" It was there for a while, then randomly I was looking at his photos and the comment was deleted. I have NEVER commented on anything. Nor have I ever tagged in him in anything. We're not all over social media. We barely use it. He has a few other photos random women flirting leaving hearts saying he looks great, and he left those. How do I ask him about this WITHOUT starting a huge fight? Am I wrong to even question it? ( I just feel like someone follows him that he doesn't want to know he has a girlfriend... (I don't question whether he's faithful or not, because we spend practically every night together) but this still makes me a bit uncomfortable. I think he is wrong.

Why did he delete my comment on Instagram?
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