Prepared to live the rest of my life single?

I'm 20 and in college. I've had two girlfriends where one said she wasn't ready for a relationship and another one saying she just wanted to break up. So I'm in a rut. I'm shy, socially awkward, & short (5'6). Usually I don't get a lot of attention from women and even though my previous two girlfriends found me attractive and liked things about me and everything but both we broke up so who's to say that I'll ever find those kinds of girls again. I have very few friends so that won't help me in making me feel better. I always feel like I'm not good enough for a beautiful women because I probably don't have thousands of friends, my ugliness, my shyness/social anxiety, and the fact I don't party a lot and smoke. I play piano, workout, listen/play music, watch/play sports, and studying business in college.
I want to travel places. Barely women/people take interests in me so it makes me feel like I'm boring and stupid which makes me feel unworthy for anybody. Everywhere I go there's always couples and it makes me depressed knowing I'll never have that again with a beautiful woman. Usually when I talk to woman I always mess it up and feel stupid afterwards. I know woman love confidence but I don't how I can get it when I have so much bad luck going in my life. I actually thought I would end up being single my whole life and be alone with dogs and cats. I wish I could find a girl that would suit me very well for me but in this day and age, women crucify short, shy guys. What's wrong with me I don't understand this society. What should I do to at least feel better? I feel unworthy in my life right now.
Prepared to live the rest of my life single?
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