I need to know if this is right. Could anyone offer advice?

So for a while now this girl and I have been talking and seeing each other. It's kinda complicated but we've been friends for a long time and recently feelings have grown stronger. There are two problems with our possible relationship, however. The first is that my parents really hate her, and are trying to separate us either by taking my phone or my car or both, and instead of just saying that it's because they don't like her, they brought up the difference in our ages. I did the math and I'm about 3.8 years older than her, and currently she is under the age of consent in my state. She is a month into 15 and I'm about a month or so away from 19. I understand that it's illegal for me to have sex with her but I wasn't really planning on doing that anyways, for my own personal reasons that are... uncomfortable for me to talk about... if you can understand that. We've already said that we love each other.

I asked her how she would feel if we had to break this off and she said she'd prefer not to. Honestly I feel the same way, but I want to do what's best for her (and also I don't want to get arrested).

I guess my questions are: is it ok for us to date if we've already agreed that we aren't going to have sex? Or should we just stay friends until she is age of consent just so people aren't suspicious? If there's nothing wrong with this then is there any way to convince my parents to just accept how her and I feel about each other?
I need to know if this is right. Could anyone offer advice?
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