I feel so insecure and ugly around my boyfriend?

Ok well my boyfriend always knew how insecure I felt about my looks before we started dating since we were best friends. At the start of our relationship my boyfriend made me really insecure and I've been insecure ever since. Whenever we watched a movie together he would straight out say how hot he found the girl in the movie and he would go on about it and say it every single time he saw a pic of a girl on instagram or in a movie or anywhere while knowing that I'm very insecure. This was really heart breaking and hurtful for me because I very much do not look like any of these girls and I remember once I told him how bad I felt about myself and how I didn't feel like I was good looking enough for him and that he was so much better looking and I was really struggling and the next day he brought up this girl in school and right infront of me said she's soooo hot and made it sound like he wanted to fuck her or a something. We had a really big fight after that because I was sick of him making me feel so bad about myself and I didn't think someone who constantly points out how hot other girls are to their girlfriend really loves her? After the fight he stopped doing it but ever since I've been struggling and feeling worse about myself. The girls he thinks are hot look nothing like me and I will never look like them. I feel like I'm not good enough for my boyfriend and nearly every night I go to sleep crying over this :/ he made me so insecure
I feel so insecure and ugly around my boyfriend?
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