What does my boyfriend mean by this?

First off, I've been with my boyfriend since September last year. I have met few of his friends (including his room mates). First i met his friends on new years eve.. I was wearing a short playsuit. And ever since then, I come over to his place on the weekends and yeah we have sex. He lives with many room mates by the way, and all of them are guys.
So anywhooo, whenever we finish having sex, we would take a shower (not together tho). And he would always tell me to wrap a towel of my bottom part and I do obviously because i only got underwear on. But then he kept saying "make sure it covers your legs"
He always says that before I leave the room to go to the bathroom.
And one time, it was a hot night and we wanted to go for a walk, and I wanted to wear shorts. And he said "no dont wear shorts"
And i asked why?
then he said "i dont want these guys looking at your legs"
what the fuxk? is there something wrong with my legs? why is it so important to cover my legs? why does he keep saying it? does he not like my legs or he genuinely thinks those guys will look at my legs? and so what if they do?
Your boyfriend doesn't like your legs
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What does my boyfriend mean by this?
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