Do I give us another chance?

i dated this guy in 2015 we texted talked on the phone and video chated all day every day and eventually confessed that we loved each other and started dating but trust was a big issue with us since we never meet face to face and lived hrs away and it got worse when i moved farther away he swore i was cheating so i broke up with him because i couldn't handle the borderline emotional abuse we still stayed in contact but we both moved on i got engaged so did he and he had a baby on the way but i wasn't in love with the guy i agreed to marry he proposed on my 19th birthday he was 30 i called our engagement off that i keep a secret for a month and a few weeks later i get a call from him crying into the phone how his fiance aborted the baby and left him because she didn't love him i was there for him even though when he told me about the pregnancy it was only to hurt me because we still have extreme jealousy about who ever the other person is dating but we still went our separate was and dated other people fast forward to now today may 2017
i still love him he says he still loves me i want to be with him have a family with him but I'm still afraid because not only have we still not meet face to face but we have done and said fucked up shit to each other and im afraid of getting hurt
Do I give us another chance?
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