Help? what should I do in my situation?

I have a bby w justin n we been together for 3 years. relationship was always rocky because I was jealous type. B4 the baby was born his gparents gave us 10,000 to find our own place to stay. We did not take care of the money and Shortly after time the money disappeared. Fast forward 7 months. He gets 30,000 dollars from his dad passing away. I find out a month later from a receipt of his and he tried telling me the money he had was from his sister because he is unemployed. I showed him the receipt n he admitted that it was his money. We stay in separate houses, he is able to live comfortable under his mom. I stay at my gmas house. They treat me fair but It makes me sad at times to where I think I am depressed. I was shocked to know that he didn't want to get a place together n wanted to keep the money a secret from me? How long would this have went on? He said he wanted a career first but in the past whenever we fought he always canceled his class and did it again this month, just to wait till next month knowing he had that money? He said that at the time we were fighting to much n he didn't tell me because I only would've have made that as an excuse to get a place together. I told him I didn't want to be with him because I felt betrayed n we just been getting hotels to have sex not really working on ourselves. We spend time but not genuine time like going to the park with the baby. I don't Like his white lies because I don't know when he is telling the truth. I also thought his behavior lately was him cheating on me, n now that I found out about 3 white lies from him, he tried saying he didn't care about his white lies? I don't plan on calling him, it has been almost a year in the situation we are in. i would think no matter what he would want a family together and bring us back up. I guess that's not the case. To me personally if things don't change then I honestly can't see myself with him from the lies, I'm not going to let him have his cake and eat it right?
Help? what should I do in my situation?
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