Do guys only like really curvy girls?

I'm a fairly tall girl (~5'8"), and I have a naturally slender body shape, with long legs (I weight about 120lbs). While I have small boobs and a small butt, I have a very defined waist/hip area, which gives me curves but in a subtle way (like a tall, thin, stretched out hourglass). It makes me depressed that most guys only seem to like girls who have very obvious curves though (i. e. huge boobs and butts), and any woman without these very specific body features is not a "real woman" or worthy of the time of day. I feel like it's become socially acceptable to bash thinner women in order to boost the self-esteem of "thicker" women, and this bothers me. Are there any guys out there who actually like (or even prefer) my body type?
Do guys only like really curvy girls?
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