Paranoid or logical?

So I've been talking to a girl for almost 2 weeks and we've been falling in love with each other immensely. She lives in California and I live in Florida. We're planning to see each other in just a few weeks but I'm a bit suspicious. As far as the relationship, we've been flawless without a single argument or fight. We have the same political beliefs, have high goals for college and work, and we're both pretty attractive looking. I've spoken to her so much I can begin to notice‚Äč anything out of the ordinary. Yesterday, she texted me randomly that she was in her paid cooking classes (which she has never even mentioned for the past 2 weeks). She then has begun to text me a bit more lazier, looks like copying and pasting older texts, then around 8:00 PM yesterday she doesn't reply and messages me 3 hours later telling me sorry, she was really tired. My gut is telling me she's cheating. Which can happen to anyone anytime, especially on a long distance. Please help!!
Paranoid or logical?
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