Is this abuse or not?

Basically, my best friend's exe is controlling him in a way that doesn't allow him to look at other females in a sexual way or think about females like that. He has an abnormally high sex drive so this is equivalent to torture for him. He's constantly sexually frustrated and doesn't know what to do. He doesn't want to displease his exe but he's also unsure what to do.. He can't stand this any longer though. From how I understand it... It's not this girl's place to be telling him who he can and can't look at. She's his exe for a reason.. (And a good one at that if you ask me tbh..) so it'd be understandable if they were dating.. But they're not. So it's really immature and cruel of her to be doing this to him. She's more than aware of his condition.. And also, this is actually a form of torture. It does things mentally to a person and drives their emotions to be more extreme (build up of hormones etc. there's literally so much going on all at once chemically in the body etc. and mentally...) hence it being a torture.. And a pretty bad one at that.. Especially for this guy.. If you've ever been sexually frustrated or deprived you'd know how much of a torture it can be.. Now imagine that for months... So! What do you think? Would you say that what this girl is doing to him would be counted as abusive or not? Please argue your point. Thanks so much in advance!!
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Hey! No need to be rude assholes you guys. His exe is still of men of his best friends. Also, I'm not sure you guys know what abuse is. It comes in many forms not always the commercialized form by the way. Abuse pretty much encompasses all forms of cruel daily treatment. No argument there.. It's the literal definition of the word broken down for your better understanding. All I'm trying to convince him of is that this is abusive and cruel nonetheless and that he
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doesn't deserve any of this. Like I said, it throws off one's body chemically etc. and it physically changes your state of mind etc. also it simply isn't this girl's place to be doing this to him. I'm just trying to convince him of this and that he doesn't deserve this kind of harsh treatment. Especially when it's wearing him down as much as it is.
Is this abuse or not?
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