Were these girls interested?

Went to bar to see an acoustic guitar player. He is really talented. I was like the only fan who was just listening to his music. So two girls about my age were outside and looking in. They smiled, but, maybe they were smiling at the female bartender behind me? They walked in and passed by me without making eye contact. They went to back of room to booth. So there was like 4 people total listening to the band. The girls moved to the booth next to where I was standing. I looked over and one of the girls gave me the stink eye. WTF? Were they mad because I did not buy them a drink? Mad because I did not immediately talk to them when they walked in? First time in bar with four people and the only girls gave me stink eye. Were they playing hard to get? I am shy guy. I am pretty sure another woman who was short was bad mouthing me because all the sudden the two pretty women wanted nothing to do with me. Seemed the more I got into the band the angrier they got. Very strange. I am as straight as you can get. I have tried talking to women at clubs solo but they are so mean that I do not even try any more.

Women: if a guy makes eye contact and smiles at you when you walk in or when you walk by he is interested. Why are there such games? So there was short woman that was in another room. She made sure and grab a black guy that paid no attention to the band and they danced right in front of me blocking my view. The black guy said no white girl has done that before. I left the show early and the band was shocked.
Were these girls interested?
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