How did you tell your parents you had a boyfriend?

I'm really confused. I'm 19 and Nigerian. I have been talking to this guy since November. He's from Sudan and is 23. He is currently in grad school with a criminal justice major. I'm a nursing major. This is the first time I've opened myself to a guy since 13 (first boyfriend ever). He's caring, funny, understanding, giving, and logical. When I first told my mom, she was happy but then she became worried like he was going to distract me (not even, 4.0 student), how she didn't like his major, how I shouldn't date someone with a big family (comes from a family of 8, but they live in a different state). She told me not to talk to him, but I still continued. When I was at my college campus, we hanged out about once a week/started to get closer. When I told him I had anxiety, he said that he was willing to help me. NOW here's where things get kind of eh. So my mom finally got used to it as they met in February, but her main concern was that he might be seeing someone else since he's older/more experienced. Last month, we hanged out with my younger sister (I'm the oldest) and she saw a message from a girl saying to come over. I confronted the guy about it, but he said he never received that. We talked about it for about two hours. I wish I didn't tell my mom because it changed her perspective about him. She also thinks he's greedy, which he is not even. She also thinks we're getting married like NOT EVEN. Now she asks him about from time to time, but she thinks he's just a friend. She also thinks I'm getting too attached.

But I do like him and I think we're already dating. The thing is, my dad doesn't even know about all this. I don't know what to do. I wanted him and mother to talk again so she can she is a good guy. But I don't know. Thanks. Sorry it's long.
How did you tell your parents you had a boyfriend?
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