Please help me out?

On my first year of high school, for a school event, I was in the same team with a guy. He was a student from another town. A cheerful, kind guy with good grades who's easy to cooperate with, and a good listener.

After the school event was over, we got closer. He would ask me to join his group whenever we got projects to work on, he would randomly started chatting me, and stuff like that. He also took interests in my hobbies and interests.

I ended up crushing on him. At the end of my first year, my friend ended up talking to his friend about my ideal type. He learned about it and asked me who I like. I ended up confessing to him. He told me that he's not in love with anyone at that moment, and thanked me for liking him. And on my second year, we didn't share any classes, and we rarely met each other. When we met, we would only awkwardly greet each other. We didn't really talk much either.

And during my second year, I was in the same class with this other guy who used to go to the same church as mine. He shared some traits with the first guy, but he's more extroverted. He loves to talk to me. And among all the girls he's friends with, I'm the closest one. His mom tried to 'matchmake' me with him, our friends ship us. And I ended up having a little crush on him, and started to move on a bit. However, at the end of my second year, the first guy suddenly talked to me, asking if I've moved on (I told him that I've started to move on), and confessed to me that he actually likes me back. I was shocked. He also asked me that if I found it strange that he suddenly talked to me and confessed out of nowhere. He also asked if I'm going to move on, now that he had confessed.

I don't know how to respond. I want to 'pursue' him, since I haven't completely moved on, but I feel like it's rude to pursue him when I have feelings for another guy.

What should I do? Is it fine to chase the first guy? Should I wait? I kinda want to sort out my feelings first, but I don't know how?
Please help me out?
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