How can you tell if a guy you're dating is "crazy"?

My mom told me not to date the guy I'm currently dating, who is a former army infantry soldier, because they all come back "crazy". She also claims to have observed mannerisms that indicate that he is not normal and that he is holding in certain emotions within himself. However, those mannerisms/actions she describes seem perfectly normal to me. I told her this and she says that I'm "too ignorant to understand".

My mother on the other hand, always doubts about everybody and is always overprotective of me. She has always held nrgative conceptions of Military men ever since her niece was murdered by her husband who happened to be a military soldier.

I have to admit that he is quite different from other guys in that he is more laid back and smart, but knows what he is doing.

Should I believe her and stop dating this guy?
How can you tell if a guy you're dating is "crazy"?
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