Why do I have the worst luck with guys?

I've been single for three years but I've been dating. My ex cheated in front of me at a music festival he kissed my friend. (Only going to talk about two guys I've dated so it get my luck) One guy I dated seemed very interesting he goes to a ivy leave college I was attracted to his intelligence but he turned out to be a fuckboy. The second guy I dated also seemed to be like a nice guy with good manners comes from a good family.. he goes to a good university and is catholic like me, we got along really well.. but one day I was curious so I re searched his name and turns out he was jailed for leading two girls into prostitution. So there goes that. I'm no longer interested in dating. Maybe I'll stay single. I'm not a negative person but I seem to attract weirdos. My mom always tells me I get hurt a lot because I expect the good from people but they hurt me in the end.
Why do I have the worst luck with guys?
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