Both female friends are "In Love" with me, and I'm confused, help?

I have never had this happen before, and I am extremely confused. I have two female friends, one who is more relatable to me, jokey, basically a second me (call her P), and another one who I just always cared about (Call her J). They both dated other guys, and I was always there for them in their corner when they needed me, I of course also dated other women. The last day of school, P admitted she loved me and wanted to date me. In the spike of the moment, I felt it too, and we became official that moment. About a week goes by of being "official, girlfriend" and my other female friend admits she is in love with me. Now I won't lie, I liked both of them greatly in the beginning, and moved on, then ended up dating one of them, but now I'm confused. I like my girlfriend (P), but something is just pulling me to the other girl (J).

I think a lot of it down to my new girlfriend (P) also being different ever since we started dating. For example, she isn't the same jokey person; she just doesn't seem like she's trying anymore I guess. I've spoken to her about it, and she acts normal for a bit, then goes back to being this different girlfriend person. Have anyone advice?
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To Note: When P admitted to being in love I didn't really say it back, I just said we could try dating.
Both female friends are "In Love" with me, and I'm confused, help?
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