Why have I not heard from him in a few days?

I met this guy, spoke to him for a few months and then we finally managed to organize a date. So went out for a drink, ended up being the last ones in the pub..he kissed me goodnight, all good. Then we had another date the week after, drinks again which were fun and we were all over each other. So arranged another date last week, had dinner then chatted about exes and were honest about what had gone wrong. Had a few sexual innuendo jokes. We kissed goodbye and he said he wanted to take me to this bar the following week. So all was going well. The night after the date he gets drunk on a night out and texts me a few illegible texts. I reply to a few and then leave it. The next day I texted hi how was he etc and got nothing in reply. So I waited two days then texted him again on a night out joking that I may end up following suit and texting him drunk. Nothing. Now been 4 days and heard not a thing. What on earth is going on? He usually texts back ages later or the day after I send a text but he's never left it this long...


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  • This is going to be really hard to hear but he hasn't replied because he doesn't want to...

    he hasn't lost his phone or your number...you have had enough dates for him to find a way to contact you if that had actually happened.

    he's not just "embarassed" because of the drunk texting ...unless he is utterly socially inept and deeply shy which your description of him doesn't seem to indicate.

    he also hasn't been abducted by aliens or grounded by his mother...or whatever other story you are currently telling yourself to hide from the unpalatable truth...

    ...he's just choosing not to call.

    Without knowing him and you and the personal situations of you both it's impossible to tell why he has decided not to contact you. It's a cruel thing to do ( and a lot of men and women do it when they don't wnat to have that really difficult " I don't wnat to see you any more "conversation) and in my opinion rather cowardly.

    I know its tempting to try and get a response ( any response) but don't text or call anymore.

    He knows where to find you if he wnats to...try and chalk it up to experience and just be thankful that you didn't end up in a relationship with such a weak guy :(

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