How come I can't get any tinder matches?

I believe I've got some pretty decent photos up. No shirtless pics, no drinking pics, no pics of me looking dead inside while sitting in my basement, you get the idea. I've read into which pictures I should put up so I've got pictures of me doing different things, smiling, not smiling and looking away from the camera, one with my friends and one with my brother, et cetera. I have posted some of the pictures online before and I got very positive reactions, many of which told me I'm attractive, so it's probably not due to my looks I guess. I am still working on a bio but for now I've tried to keep it simple with a bit of light humour. I'm trying to be somewhat realistic when swiping so I look at all pictures the girls put up and I pay attention to what they are doing in their pictures as well as what they put in their bio. No matches. Am I being too picky? Or is it because of something else? Help would be appreciated.
How come I can't get any tinder matches?
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