My feelings for a shy guy, should I go for it or not?

Over the the last several months, I have been seriously emotionally and physically attracted to a guy in my school who, whom I have hooked up with twice. He is very shy, and very socially awkward. He has barely been with any girls. We don't talk in school or text. Anytime I try to talk to him, he barely speaks a full sentence, and he doesn't stand still. He speaks normally to other girls, except me? Is this nervousness because he likes me? The only time he would speak properly to me would be if he's after drink.
He looks at me a lot in school, I have caught him on many occasions. Glancing at me. His friends also mock him about me, shouting things like "Your girlfriend is there". His reactions are just a laugh, and he doesn't deny anything. He has told me he doesn't like me, many of my friends have said he said it because he was scared. Would this be true?
He has exams in the next 3 weeks, and i attend after school study and he's there, I have seen him looking very tense and is not concentrating. He constantly rubs the back of his neck, is this just stress of exams or something else? His locker is near mine, and when i'm about to catch the bus home, sometimes he would hang around his locker and then would leave if i didn't, but would stay around until i left first, i get a feeling that he wants to talk.
My mind in one sense is telling me to let him go, but my heart is telling me to go for it. Should i just follow my heart and wait till his exams or over and see what happens?

Do i possibly have a shot at this? Or is this just me overthinking
My feelings for a shy guy, should I go for it or not?
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