How to get a social life at 25?

I grew up in a family home that wasn't very social. So i missed out on a lot of ''relationships'' and ''social'' life. The only people i have known my whole life are my siblings. As a result people have come in and out of my life. I never had stable close friendships and the people i have became friends with werent very nice people, they were all in it for themselves. So now at the moment i have no social life and opening up to other people is getting harder because i have been dissappointment so many times... now at 25 i have no social life left, sometimes i go out like once every weekend someone asks me to chill but i just get really tense and shut them out cause they are not my kind of people... so i tend to push them away. what can i do? like honestly i feel like had the worst childhood ever... i Always see people saying ye ai know my friend for over 20 years, i know them for over 10 years or 15 years or whatever,... i get really bitter and jealous
How to get a social life at 25?
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