Dinner And Movie for 1st Date?

I thought it was kinda of taboo to take a girl to a movie for the 1st date because you are not getting to know one another at the movie - is this true?

Well, I don't know the guy - just met him Saturday @ a dance club & today he suggested movie & dinner. I'm not complaining. I have kids & he doesn't know that yet; our schedules are conflicting a bit. Just wondering if he has alternative agenda ;)


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  • I suppose it depends on the people involved. For instance I'm studying film in school, and know my classmates are interested in movies. The last first date I went on with a girl from my class was to see Twilight: New Moon, which we both spent basically making fun of it throughout the entire movie. We both really enjoyed it, and a second date quickly followed to something a little more formal and personal.

    Heck, maybe it's just me, but I've always thought dinner was a bit of a cliche for a first date. Lunch would be my first choice, then something I know we both like afterward is more my style. If I know she enjoys animals, maybe go to a zoo or something. I've always felt that if you're going to go on a date, you should make it something you both enjoy and not quite so generic. At least it increases the chances that you'll get a second one later ;).


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  • Well yes, but in way it almost helps the people on the date. At the movies, you are still spending time together but the pressure is taken off because you don't have to talk. That way, you can do the talking at dinner. Personally, I'd prefer something else for a first date but dinner and a movie wouldn't be the worst.

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