So I have a date!

its my very first one. and I think we are going to a movie and ice cream and I have no clue how to act or what to say...can someone please help? don't say be yourself cause I'm really shy at first :p


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  • The thing is, don't act.

    Be his friend. Don't be fake. Let him know who you really are.

    The best thing to do if you are nervous, and you're with your partner, is to play the "Question" game. Basically ask each other alternate questions about absolutely anything. Don't ask his favourite colour or number. That's lame. Get him interested in you.


    As for everything else, don't be rude, mean, or quiet. Try to make conversation. Practice before you go out. Smile a lot, and don't be quiet.


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  • i was the shyguy in your situation not that long ago :3

    minden's advice is pretty good, try and be a little vocal. Say what you like to do, ask him what he likes to do, etc

    If you like him you might find it easier to open up to him... was like that for me and my girl anyways, and it usually takes me a while to get used to new people

    dont worry about it and have fun


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  • Congratulations! You got past the toughest part, getting him to call you and actually ask you out! Make sure you feel good about the way you look, because that will naturally make more confidence flow from you. Guys like it when you make them feel important, so ask him questions about things that seem to strike his interests. Tell him basic things about yourself, and don't be afraid to bring up things you're proud of. You're job, you're pet, you're athletic ability... whatever it is. If you find yourself unusually comfortable for a first date, be careful not to reveal too many personal things too fast. For example,. if you start talking about exes, stop talking! Us girls need to maintain our mystery : ) ALSO! Ahead of time, google some things about the movie you are going to see. You could impress him with interesting facts... good luck!

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