Boyfriend going to dating site?

I have been with him for almost 2 years. We knew each other from a dating site and after we being together, I canceled my account from that site but I found him still actively on that site by accident. He didn't cheat on me or anything but I'm sure he talked to other girls all the time. We talk about futures and all sorts of plans and I kinda believe he is serious about those when we talk about it. And lately I found he is not only in that one dating site, but on several different ones. I heard from some guys that this is normal for a guy but I just don't see the point of going to those sites when you really love your girlfriend. Can you guys give some advice. Thanks!


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  • I've been there, dating a guy who was still on dating sites for the entire 3 years we were dating.. and the guy (now my ex) was keeping his options open. He finally admitted to me that he didn't think he was through dating. Just be careful, if he's still "looking" he's definitely not fully committed to you, and after 2 years he should be.

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