I offended him and he won't let it go! Help?

Hi I met up with a guy I met online a couple of times - after date two we were trying to schedule date three I kept suggesting when I was free and he wasn't so in the end I sent a text saying 'ok don't think this is going to work out, take care' anyway he came back with 'I'm free... just tell me when you are' we met up again but ever since every time we message he mocks my original messsge saying that it didn't think it will work out. He just won't let it go! He asked me again last week when I was free and I haven't got back to him yet.. he even said he was so cross with me telling him to do one that he deleted my number then found it again so texted me... does he sound a bit complex to you? Should I leave well alone? Thanks
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We'll I have got my answer - he texted me asking me to come over to his house for a cuppa at 10 o'clock at night! Booty call or what? 😂
I offended him and he won't let it go! Help?
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