What if I'm dating a guy but I like someone else?

I've been dating this guy for 6 months. and liked him a lot but always wondered why I wasn't head over heels attracted to him. Then my other guy friend and I started talking and I started to like him, a lot. What do I do?


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  • I think you should take a break form your current boyfriend and take a chance with this new guy. It sounds like you arnt ready to settle for your current boyfriend and will most probably be unsatisfied in the near future. Its better to explore your options rather than regret taking action.

    If you been dating your bofriend for 6 months, youd know weather or not your in love . Maybe you'll fall head over heels for the guy your gaining feelings for now. Don't miss out on your shot at love because your in a relationship right now


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  • i think you should wait a bit longer. wut if this other guy doesn't feel the same way. it would hurt ur current boyfriend to. wut I would do is wait and see how it develops before really deciding

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